What is Priority One?
Priority One is a virtual marketing & website design agency.We work with small and startup businesses to build, create and maintain customer connection through web design; social media management; client relationship management (CRM); digital & print advertising and systems streamlining. We work to identify brand strategy and maintain online presence, offering you the tools for successful growth right from the start! 

Meet Danielle


Being online is where businesses thrive nowadays !

I have had a passion to create, an eye for design and a strong work ethic my entire life. I am always eager to help bridge the gap between past and modern methods of marketing to help business owners become more efficient in their practices. 

During my career in Real Estate from 2008-2016 I discovered my niche in working with business owners to reach their target audiences through the power of online marketing and customer retention tools.
I understand the divide between having a vision and the desire to see it come to life and love that I can offer my skills and expertise as a resource to do so.
 If you have a new or existing business that you are looking to take online, rebrand or streamline, get in touch with me to discuss how Priority One can offer you the best solution. 


Offering you the best!

We are always eager to take on a project and bring your visions to life!