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As there are 2 function spaces available, we do often take multiple bookings on the same night. If you require access to the private bar and bar area, you would be required to book the "Front" or "Entire Space".


The back room is the only "single" room rental available. If there is no other event booked on the same night, the back room can also include the bar area. 


-To ensure complete privacy of your event, it is recommended you rent out the entire space, priority over bar access, music selection etc will be in favour of the event guest with the larger booking-


Dates marked in RED have been BOOKED!

We have more than one space and can often take more than one booking:

 BACK = (Holds up to 30 people)

 FRONT =  (Holds up to 80 people)

 ENTIRE SPACE =  (Entire space MAX Capacity holds up to 120 people)







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