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What are my Music options?


You may choose to hire a band, DJ or live performer for your event or simply use our headphone jack to play your own music selection.  


We have an 8 speaker sound system that requires a simple RCA input to plug into, for bands/DJ's to hook up their equipment. 

The Guild also can provide access to our ipod (Songza selection).


It is advised that the band come and view the space in advance to ensure that it meets their requirements. 

Live music must be done by 12pm

What if I need rental equipment...


We can arrange for additional equipment to be rented, such as Bluetooth microphones, projectors and screens, Dj equipment and lighting etc.

If you require the use of any of the items, please advise us using the "additional information" section in your booking submission.

  Meetings & Presentation tools...



We have an HDMI cord that fits into our 50" Tv that is portable for use anywhere in the event space, the computer being used must have an HDMI input or you must bring an adapter that fits into an HDMI input, for additional rental equipment please see "rental options" above.



  Can I bring my own....



Outside liquor is prohibited with the acception of wine with a corkage fee of $20/bottle.

Outside food is also prohibited with the exception of some "specialty" items such as cakes, desserts, a personalized candy bar set-up or anything the Guild does not serve in house, which can be brought in for an additional fee of:

$30 up to 20 people plus $1.50/head over 20 people.

  Are Children allowed in the event space?



Yes. Children are permitted in the event space.

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