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Please feel free to contact Danielle should you require any assistance

with our booking process 250-661-9852. 

For further assistance with planning or details, we can offer

an event coordinator at an additional charge.  


Take a virtual walk-through

Click on the image below to view an interactive virtual walk-through of our event space


-or -



Our Event Space

Our event space is available from 9am-midnight with advance notice based on availability and a maximum capacity of 120 patrons.

You can book past midnight for an additional charge if desired.

(See Policies)


We have 2 rooms available upstairs:

the "Front", which holds up to around 80 people comfortably and the "Back", that holds up to around 30 people. These can be booked individually or as an entire venue, 120 people max.


Planning a wedding or reception?

Check out our wedding promo video below

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