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How to Relinquish Control and Learn to Delegate.

Trust. It comes down to this simple, yet not so simple, thing.

Trusting someone else to do something the same way you would, is no easy task.

So, you're a control freak, got it, me too!, However, learning to relinquish control will only make your life easier!

But how do you actually do to it?


Don't rush the process and choose to hire or work with someone without trying out what they have to offer. Like a new car, test drive how they can help you and if it's a right fit.


Review testimonials on the services they offer or contact previous employers to get their opinion on what they found worked or didn't work for them.


Being clear on what it is you want them to do and how you want them to do it. Once they have gotten a feel for how you like things managed, the right candidate will be able to learn your likes and dislikes and foresee what it is you'll want before you even ask.


If you get a good vibe from someone you're looking to hire, chances are your intuition is steering you right and you might have found the perfect fit for you and your team. But if there is something off, trust that you may need to keep looking.


People who have a modest humility and humble demeanor statistically are better workers. When someone is overly boisterous they can often be overcompensating for their lack of work ethic, discipline, and the way they handle constructive criticism.

The wrong fit will become clear pretty quickly and may discourage your want to find that eligible candidate, but if you trust your gut, feel them out by starting with a few tasks to test their compatibility with your work style, and are clear on what exactly it is you expect from them, you will be well on your way to becoming a master delegator and taking some of the weight off of your shoulders!

Do you have a hard time trusting someone to do things the same way you would? Please leave your comments below~ we would love to hear from you!


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