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The Reality of Technology Today!

One of my biggest frustrations in this day and age is the rapid growth of technology. I'm not frustrated by all the amazing advancements, useful tools and life-altering discoveries it brings, but the fact that it is all happening so rapidly, a lot of people are becoming lost in the dust!

This poses a huge gap between the millennials, who have literally been born with an iPhone in their hands, and the older generation, who still prefer an old fashioned catalogue over a google search.

It comes down to the basic fact that old dogs can't learn new tricks...well in this case, just don't want to. People become set in their ways and like the security of what they know, or what they are used to, and the idea of breaking an old habit to learn a new one can seem very unappealing or even a waste of time.


Here's the hard truth: Were only moving forward people! So many things that used to done one way are now being done virtually, online. Banking, business searches, shopping, day planning, games, you name it, there's an app for it!

These scary apps and online ways of doing things are actually a lot more helpful than you might think. Why make the trip to the bank to check your account balance when you can find out with a click of a button? It's all about maximizing our time while keeping you perfectly organized.

So branch out and try something new, join the masses! Throw out those old deck of cards and learn to play bridge online... I know you want to!

What is your "old way of doing things" habit? Please leave your comments below~

we would love to hear from you!



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