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Hire Yourself...And Never Look Back.

Although the appeal of the 9-5 stable job with benefits, three paid vacation weeks a year plus holidays and weekends off appeals to most, there are those of us who prefer a very different approach to making a living.

I struggled with this for years, dipping my toes in and out of working full-time for myself. But two years ago I made a promise to myself that I would not work for anyone else by the time I hit 30.

I hired myself full-time and I never plan to look back.

Gone are the days of dreading the late night grind or the early morning torture of getting to work on time, watching the clock praying that it will be over soon!

When you start doing what you love you really notice a difference! Now when I look at the clock I'm shocked at the time that has passed without even noticing, wondering where the day went and how I wished there more hours so I could keep working! Ha, bet you don't hear that too often!

Working for yourself does have some downsides, however...



Financial unpredictability- if you are someone who doesn't enjoy the gambles in life, than working for yourself may not be your forte. There isn't always a stable payday, you might have good months but there will likely be some bad months too... But then again what in life is really guaranteed?

Lack of motivation- You have to be willing to push yourself, because' no one is gonna do it for you! Staying focused and getting the job done can be tough if you are used to a traditional job setting where someone else calls the shots.

MORE work- Working for yourself might seem like the envy of ample free time, and it can be, but for most entrepreneurs there is no start or end time in the day. Some days you could even put in 16+ hours just to keep up and stay on top of everything.



Having full control- When you don't have to answer to anyone, life can be great! You choose when and how you want things to be done, you get to have full creative control and no deadlines!

Setting your own schedule- Time is different for an entrepreneur, weekends....wait, what's a weekend again? The days all just blur together. You make the rules, you set the hours and if your friends are all taking time off work to go away for the summer, you can pack your bags and join them if you want too.

A sense of accomplishment- Not to say that you can't have a sense of accomplishment in any job that you do, but when you build a business from the ground up and realize you've just created a job, that someone else might want to work at, for you! It's a strangely satisfying feat. There is a sense of pride that comes from working for yourself that I personally have never had at any other job I've worked.

Fear of the unknown and taking risks, feeling more comfortable in a stable environment and maybe even an unclear vision of how to bring a business idea to life can be the obstacles in the way of you giving entrepreneurship a try!

All I know is, you can decide, commit and succeed if you want to!

We can help bring your business ideas to life. Contact us for a no obligation consultation or start the conversation below!


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