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It's not ALWAYS a Competition...

​People of a particular industry often have a fear of their competitors. The idea of befriending, let alone working with someone in their same line of work is the last thing that would cross their mind.

But why does it have to be a competition?

I love meeting people who do what I do or are in the same field.

A) They get what I do and why I do it.

B) It's a great opportunity to pass each other business and even collaborate.

C) You can always learn something new.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and that extends to how and what they do in thier business as well. If you run a construction business and love or are great at framing but dislike or aren't the best at dry wall, maybe meeting some of your "competitors" and working together to complete each others dislike / aren't so great at lists wouldn't be such a bad Idea after all.

Even if you learn a tip or trick or two it's one more tip or trick than you knew before. Networking, connecting and meeting new people from industries alike and even unlike can only help you grow, learn and become stronger in business.

So don't look at your competitors as competition but as opportunity, and potentially, even another source to gain additional business!

What is your line of work? Please leave your comments below ~ We would love to hear from you!



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