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Socially Anti-Social

Have you noticed how distracted you are when you are out with friends, always having to check-up on your phone, take a call

or reply to a text message? Gone are the days of "normal conversation" and uninterrupted outings.

Would you dare leave your phone at home for the night? HA! Yeah right! How would you accomplish anything? What if you needed to text someone you were running late, call a cab to pick you up later, check movie showtimes or order tickets online, and - God forbid, feel the need to take a SELFIE!?

We have become a socially anti-social society bobbing and weaving through life with our heads glued to a screen and our thumbs glued to well, a screen...haha.

But how do we break the cycle and get back to enjoying people's company without the distractions?

Have you ever tried the "first person to use their phone pays the bill" game?

If you're out with friends, have everyone stack their phone on the table. The first person who feels the undeniable urge to use their phone in any way, has to pick up the tab. That will surely deter anyone for being overly obsessed with their phone pretty quickly.

What about a quiet night at home with your partner? Are you both piled over each other texting and surfing away online while barely watching the show that's on in the background let alone paying attention to each other? Well, that's not conducive to a healthy relationship! Try a "techno" free night. Turn off your phones, tv's, any electronics, and go out for a nice phone free dinner, play some good old-fashioned board games or read in bed together.

Being "healthy" is not just what you eat or how often you go to the gym, clearing your life at least once a week from the EMF that we are all constantly exposed to and the gleaming screens we stare at all day, remembering that people are more important than man-made productivity tools and that phones can be replaced easier than a relationship are all good steps toward getting back to reality and opening our eyes to more going on around us.

STOP being socially anti-social, and remember to turn off and tune into reality from time to time.

Are you guilty of being a victim of technology? Please leave your comments below ~ We would love to hear from you!


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