4 Easy Tips on Maintaining Client Relationships.

Maintaining client relationships is one of the top elements of business success, after all, without clients, you wouldn't be in business in the first place.

But for many people, staying in contact with a past client is not so common practice.

Our clients deserve our attention. Not an email or phone call every day, show up at their house with a casserole every week kind of attention, but a healthy check-in from time to time is always good.

Establishing a relationship from the beginning where you get to know some of their preferences, anniversaries, birthdays, their dog's favorite treats, you know, those sorts of things, are great tools to use later as a good excuse to connect and check-in on how things are going for them. This will re-establish that connection that puts you back at the forefront of their mind potentially reminding them that they have been meaning to get in-touch with you.

Starting a monthly newsletter to update your clients on market trends or statistics to keep them in the loop is a great way to start and so is having a great system in place to keep track of all this information!

A client relationship management tool or CRM is crucial to add to your business. Simply having your clients names and numbers in your phone is just not going to cut it, and will be a nightmare to try to and recall when the time comes.

Filing all of your client information into an easy to reference CRM tool will help you stay on track and manage your relationships easily and conveniently, forming lasting rapports, repeat and referral business.

Need help setting up a CRM for your business? Contact us and leave your comments below!

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