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Top Organizational & Business Tools I LOVE.

With thousands of business tools and apps out there to choose from, trying out and creating your own favourites list can be daunting.

Productivity is key in my line of work as a personal / virtual assistant and I wanted to share some of my favourite tools that I use every day.

Expensify- Expensify is an app that has changed not only my life but my accountants! I used to throw receipts in my purse and let them pile up, then after I had accumulated enough I would go through the overwhelming task of organizing them into categorized folders that I kept in my filing cabinet, your probably thinking, well that's one step ahead of what I do! I'm organized, yes, but I'm always open to being more so. Well, this app not only eliminates the paperwork but digitally categorizes your expenses and keeps you up to date on what you've spent in each customized category. All that is required is a slight habitual change in routine. Simply take a photo of your receipts and select the group it fits into. At the end of the year send your accountant a nice tidy PDF of all of your expenses and voila! Accounting made easy!

Bills- Bills Is an awesome tool to keep track of all of your monthly bills in a checklist style calendar. Add in all of your bill due dates and check them from red to green once they have been paid, to keep you on top of your dinero.

Park Victoria- This is really only useful if you live in Victoria but I know a lot of cities use similar apps. Add your credit card or apply money to your "park Victoria account" and use your phone as a virtual pay terminal. Just type in your space number, select your stay and payment method and the app will count down your clock and alert you when you are running out of time. Fabulous!

Evernote- Evernote is great for keeping track of ideas by making a quick note that can be categorized and even shared with other members of your team or office colleagues. A great place to keep all of your in-progress work, collaborate on ideas and store useful information.

Voice Recorder- For quicker note taking using any type of voice recorder can be a life saver! Quickly press play and record a thought and never miss a moment or idea that pops into your head!

Cam Scanner- Need to scan and email something but aren't near a computer or office!? Cam scanner turns documents into a flat bed scanned image that you can add multiple pages too, convert easily to PDF and save or email right from your phone!

Word Hippo- Word hippo helps you find other words for...words, rhyming words, opposite words or other meaning for words. A great tool for writer's block and over using the same words in a paragraph or sentence (how many times did I just use the word "word" lol).

Oh, but there are so MANY more! Try a few of these out or call us to give

you a hand and suggest some that fit your needs! Happy exploring!

Please leave your comments below ~ We would love to hear from you!


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