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Lost in Translation

How clear are you being with your customers? Does your target audience understand exactly what you are offering them? Do you know enough about what you're offering to explain it properly to someone?

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't know it well enough." - Albert Einstein

Getting clear about what you're selling, why you're selling it and who you are selling to will redefine your business strategy and will make the conversation flow much easier.

Having passion for a product or business service that you might be offering will benefit your sales approach and make it easier for you to translate the details of what you're selling more effectively and confidently as it will come from a place of enthusiasm and personal connection, and people like to buy that!

The closer you are to a business idea or product the more you are willing to learn the in's and out's about it, the more it will excite you to talk about it, and the clearer you will deliver the key points the consumer needs to know to be sold on it.

If you're great at sales and customer service you can probably "sell ice to Eskimos", so to speak, but if you're personally intrigued by what your selling you may even get them to build you an igloo with it.

So, familiarize yourself so well with whatever it is your offering it becomes second nature to easily articulate, or find something that motivates you to want to tell everyone about it.... so you don't get lost in translation.

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