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What a difference almost half a year makes!

So we are 15 days away from being officially half way through 2017. Where does the time go! It's reminding ourselves to stop and smell the roses, so to speak, to slow down and enjoy the little moments that happen as we buzz through life, pedal to the floor.

The biggest challenge for me is living in the moment. I remind myself of it often, yet, still find I forget to listen to my own advice. Replaying the events between January to now helps keep me in check. Asking myself, what have I done, have I accomplished the goals I set out for up until now, or am I hoping the other half of the year will make up for the targets I've missed...

A lot can change in a short period of time. Check in with yourself, reassure yourself, and use positive affirmations to project yourself into the next half of the year to come.

Make it wonderful, powerful and full of success! I know you will.

#smelltheroses #happiness #time #busy #lifestlye #personalassistant #2017

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