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Get Started Online

Recommended steps to get your  business off to

a great start! 

Step 1.


Set-up a Gmail or Gsuite Business Account

Difference between the two:

Gmail = FREE

ill include at the end of your deisired username e.g:

Gsuite = Paid

More professional e.g: or etc. 

Gmail Account

Step 2.


Integrate a CRM (Client relationship management)

tool into your Gmail account. 

This is key to keeping track of clients as you begin to obtain them and will allow you to store important details,categorize by importance or relevance and easily follow-up with clients at any time. 


Step 3.


Create a Website or Store to outline and/or sell your service or products. 

This is where you want to direct traffic to educate potential customers about your business, what it is you offer and how they can obtain it. 


Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Step 4.


Promote your product or service on SOCIAL MEDIA and direct people to your website or online store to learn more or buy directly with you. 

There are over 1 BILLION active monthly users on Instagram & 2.38 BILLION active monthly users on Facebook, so it is pretty safe to say that potential customers are no longer reading the newspaper and awaiting a flyer in the mail to discover your services. 

Online advertising is the fast track way to reach a wide audience looking for exactly what it is you are offering. 

Step 5.

Create some PRINT MEDIA.


Business cards, brochures, posters etc. are still great ways to advertise your service locally within your community. Hand out a card at a networking event, place brochures in local businesses with good foot traffic or give out a personal thank you card if you feel so inclined. 

Use DIGITAL MEDIA to stay connected and engaged with your client base with beautifully designed email newsletters to update on promotions, announcements, offer free information and more. 

Digital & Print


"Don't let the fear of what could happen, make nothing happen."


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