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What should I post?


1. Share your location

Let people know what country your visiting, what event you're at or if you are local to them. 

 2. Be Real

Give people the inside scoop on how you're feeling or what you're up to. Share a quick video or text post about it, treat it like a vlog. 

3. Use a Poll

Get & track engagement by asking your audience a question. Would I buy A or B? Should I go out tonight Yes or No? Etc. 

4. Take people behind the scenes

 People love raw and uncut and they especially love a sneek peek of what goes on behind the scenes of a business. Share what you're working on, your daily grind, your silly co-workers, whatever your 'normal' looks like to you. 


5.Promote Something 

Put out the good word! Get people excited about your new product, service, giveaway or blog post. 

6.Give a shout out

 Tagging other people (@mentioning) in your stories, or on Instagram posts in general, is a great way to gain more engagement and give the person you're shouting out some extra exposure at the same time. One option: Take a screen shot of someones feed that you admire and give them a little love! 

7.Send People to your profile

 Screen shot your feed featuring your most current post. Overlay text with a short description of what your post is about; and using the drawing tool, circle your post from the screenshot to identify which post you are referring to.

8.Bring a standard image to life 

Take a somewhat interesting photo from your camera roll, or even upload a stock image and give it some character. Add GIF'S, upload it to HYPE TYPE to give it some fun text and make it eye catching and interesting.

9.Try theme days

Picking a theme day(s) to share with your audience is a fun way to engage that your followers will come to expect an enjoy. Eg: "Fitness Tip Friday's." This will also give you motivation to create engaging content and give you a schedule to uphold.  

10.Host a live Q & A

 Going live is a great way to get people interested in what you are sharing. If you get a lot of repeat questions about your business or service or are launching a new product and want to get people involved in the process, try hosting a live Q & A session to build awareness around it. 

Instagram Story INSPO:


Creating Engagement 

with a POLL




Geo Tagging

Fun use of fonts


Third Party 

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Highlight Covers


How to create them

How to add them to your highlights

5 Ways to Promote Your Stories

Design a graphic that gives your followers an overview of your story.

You can use a program

like CANVA

or an app from your phone like the ones mentioned in the Apps section of this course.





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